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The tactical insignias of the Soviet armored units

Drawings by A. Stefanov and A. Kazakov

The summer color of the Soviet tactical signs was white on green camouflage, the winter color was red on white camouflage. Also, for fast aerial recognition, there were the white (red) circles, lines, triangles, crosses, squares on the turret's roofs.

insignias of Soviet armor units
The tactical sign of 7th Guards heavy tank brigade (IS-2)

The insignia of 90th tank brigade (T-34)
summer color of the Soviet tactical signs was white on green camouflage
The emblem of 41st Guards tank brigade of 7th mechanized corps USSR.
fir-tree for T-34 and captured panzers Pz.III, Pz.IV
The emblem of separate 213th tank brigade "fir-tree" (T-34 and captured panzers Pz.III, Pz.IV)
124-th tank brigade , KV-1 (previously - 24th tank division)
124th tank brigade, KV-1 (previously - 24th tank division).
The identification marks of 8th selfpropelled artillery brigade: an eagle (SU-76M, T-70)
tactical markings: the rhomboid
The most common RKKA tactical markings: the rhomb with a numbers inside

The "7" digit in a square was the tactical signs of 4th Guards mechanized corps in 1944. The different animals became to this role in 1945:
Escarapela ruske znak
36th Guards tank brigade - a standing bear 13th Guards mechanized brigade - a deer 14th Guards mechanized brigade - an elefant 15th Guards mechanized brigade - a flying swallow 740th flak regiment - an elk unknown unit - a horse
also there were giraffe, crocodile and probably rhino and fox identification signs

3rd tank corps

9th tank corps

1st Guards tank corps
Identification mark
The tactical insignia of 2-nd Guards tank corps: an arrow

3rd Guards tank corps - identification mark "Saturn ring"

4th Guards tank corps - the oak leaves

5th Guards tank corps - the number «51» or «5»

The insignias of 2-nd Guards tank army (three corps)

The insignias of 3-rd Guards tank army (three corps)

8th Guards tank corps

10th Guards tank corps

tactical insignia of Soviet
3rd Guards mech corps

5th Guards mechanized corps
winter color was red on white camouflage
8th mechanized corps (M4 Sherman)
insignia of 10th mech corps
10th mechanized corps (T-34-85)

338th Guards heavy selfpropelled artillery regiment (ISU-152).

376th Guards heavy selfpropelled artillery regiment (ISU-152) - the square sign or "K" char.
 emblems of artillery and tanks together 1443SAP
1443rd selfpropelled artillery regiment: emblems of artillery and tanks together.
Emblem 366GSAP
366th Guards selfpropelled artillery regiment.
119th engineer tank regiment of Red Army
RKKA 53 tp
53rd tank regiment of 81st motorized division (BT-7)

Armor side profiles :

4th Guards mechanised corps 8th Guards tank corps 7th Guards heavy tank brigade

9th , 11th , 31th tank corps different armoured units

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 6th Guards tank armies of USSR

The insignias of the Slavic national units

1st Czechoslovak tank brigade

1st Polish tank corps Polish armor units

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