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MiG-21F fighter


Over jungles
Vietnam Lethal "snakes"

Aces of Vietnam War
USSR     USA North Vietnam    
victoriesNameservice / unitjob title
9Nguyen Van CocVietCong 921 fighter regimentpilot
8Mai Van CuongVietCong pilot
8Pham Thanh NganVietCong 921 fighter regimentpilot
8Nguyen Hong NhiVietCong 921 fighter regimentpilot
7Nguyen Van BayVietCong 923 fighter regimentpilot
7Dang Ngoc NguVietCong 921 fighter regimentpilot
6DeBellevue Charles B.USAF 432TRWweapons-systems operator
6Vu Ngoc DinhVietCong 921 fighter regimentpilot
6Le HaiVietCong 923 fighter regimentpilot
6Le Thanh DoaVietCong 927 fighter regimentpilot
6Luu Huy ChaoVietCong 923 fighter regimentpilot
6Nguyen Dang KinhVietCong 921 fighter regimentpilot
6Nguyen Duc SoatVietCong 927 fighter regimentpilot
6Nguyen Ngoc DoVietCong 921 fighter regimentpilot
6Nguyen Nhat ChieuVietCong 921 fighter regimentpilot
6Nguyen Tiem SamVietCong 927 fighter regimentpilot
5Nguyen Van NghiaVietCong 927 fighter regimentpilot
5Nguyen Fi HungVietCong ?pilot
5Ritchie RichardUSAF 432TRWpilot
Feinstein Jeffrey S.weapons-systems operator
5Cunningham RandolphUSN VF96pilot
Driscoll Williamweapons-systems operator

AA-missile aces

USSR Iliinyh Fyodor (AA division commander; 24 kills)
USSR Shchbakov Vadim Petrovich (AA launcher commander; 6 kills)
VietCong Chan Say ("unit" commander; 196?)
VietCong Fam Chyong Uiy (division commander; 43?)
VietCong Nguyen Suan Day (division commander; 40?)
VietCong Nguyen Ban Thak (division commander)
VietCong Nguyen Van Nyan (division commander)
USSR Mozhayev Boris
Soviet ZRK flak rocket S75 Dwina

flak missle S75 foxtrot MiG21 in Vietnam

Thanks to Allan Magnus and Diego Zampini.

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