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ram by his unarmed Morane G the Austrian recon Albatros B.I. (Nesterov was also the world 1st performer of the dead loop

The 1st aerial victory in history was achieved by staff-captain Peter N. Nesterov, the commander of 11KAO. On 26th August 1914 he paid his own life for ram by his unarmed Morane G the Austrian recon Albatros B.I. (Nesterov was also the world 1st performer of "the dead loop" - 27th August 1913).

WW1 aces of Russian Empire

service conflict - side victory sub-index
Russian Empire WW1 - Entente R
France WW1 - Entente F
Great Britain Civilian War - the interventionistsW
the Whites Civilian War W
the Reds Civilian War; Polish war S

Wars end status
19 (+13N) Alexander A. Kazakov (Kozakoff)
Morane G ; SPAD A4 ; Nieuport 9 , 11 , 17 ; Sopwith 1.5 , Snipe 4KAO , 19KAO , 1BAG ; 1st Slavo-British Sqd Suicide, Aug'19
16 Vasily I. Yanchenko
Nieuport 10, 11, 17, 21 ; Moran Monocoque 7IAO , 32KAO ; 2nd Air Sqd Survived
15 [6F+9R] (+2N) Paul V. Argeyev (d'Argueff)
Nieuport 17 ; SPAD 13 N28 ; 19KAO , 3BAG ; Spa124 Survived WWI
10 Ivan V. Smirnov (Smirnoff)
Morane-Saulnier N-5 ; Nieuport 10, 17 ; SPAD 7 19KAO Survived
10 (+2N)Grigory E. Suk
Morane-Saulnier M ; Voisin ; Nieuport 10, 11, 21 ; Vickers FB.19 ; SPAD 7 26KAO , 9KAO Crashed, Nov'17
7 (+2N) Vladimir I. Strizhevsky
Nieuport 21 9KAO  
6 (+5N) Victor G. Fyodorov (Fedoroff)

"cossak of Verdun"
Caudron G.4 ; Nieuport ; SPAD 13 C49 , N26 , Spa89 , Spa3 ; 9KAO Survived
6 [1F+5R]
(+4N [1F+3R])
Evgraf N. Kruten
Voisin LA ; Nieuport 11 , 17c1 , 23 21KAO , 2IO ; N3 ; 2BAG Crash, June'17
6 (+4N)Ivan A. Loyko
Moran Parasol ; Nieuport 10, 11, 17 30KAO , 9IAO  
6 [3R+3S] Alexey D. Shirinkin

Nieuport 23 ; Ansaldo A.1 Balilla 1IAO; 7IAO Survived
5 [2R +3S] (+1N) Grigory S. Sapozhnikov
Nieuport ; Sopwith Snipe 9KAO ; 1AO Crash , Sept'20
5 [4F+1R] (+3N) Eduard M. Pulpe
Morane-Saulnier ; Nieuport 11 MS23 / N23 ; 8IO Killed , 1916
5 (+3N)Konstantin K. Vakulovsky Farman ; Albatros(capt.) ; Nieuport 11 ; Morane-Saulnier I 1KAO? , 33AO , 1IO? Crash , 1918
5 (+3N)Nikolay K. Kokorin
Farman 22 ; Morane Parasol , Monocoque ; SPAD A2 , 7 ; Nieuport 11 4KAO , 2IO Killed , May'17
5 (+1N) Mikhael I. Safonoff (Mikhail Safonov) Mikhail Safonoff M-9, M-15 flying boats ; Nieuport NR.I 2FAO Survived
5 (+1N)Jury V. Gilsher
Voisin ; S-16 ; Nieuport 21 4AAO , 7IAO Killed , July'17
5 (+1N)Alexander M. Pishvanov
Nieuport 21; Sopwith Camel 27KAO , 10IAO ; 6 AO Survived
5Ernst K. Leman
SPAD A2 ; Nieuport 19KAO Suicide Dec'17
5Victor V. Utgoff
Curtis , M-9 flying boats 1FAO Survived
4 (+3N) Ivan A. Orlov
Farman ; Morane G ; Voisin ; S-16 ; Nieuport 17, 21, 23 5KAO , 7IAO
Killed, June'17
3 (+10N) Alexander N. P. Seversky

designer of P47 Thunderbolt
M-9 flying boat ; Nieuport 21 2FAO Survived
  • These data were taken from many sources, which ones rarely agreed. If you can provide me with any aditional info, please do it.
  • In Russian (and then in Soviet) army counted as confirmed victories only planes, downed to friendly territory.

    Unit designations :   KAO - Corps Air Sqd
    IAO - Ftr Air Sqd
    AAO - Army Air Sqd
    FAO - Fleet Air Sqd
    BAG - Combat Air Group

    Also I need to say about one especial ace. He is especial pilot because of many sources told as he is the French or he is the Russian; but indeedly he is the Serbian :
    21 (+1N) Petar (Pierre) Marinovich Nieuport; SPAD N38 , Spa94 Survived WW1, but crashed in 1919

    Golden Weapon of St.George - Victorybringer (Russian) Order of St.George, 4 classes (Russian) Order of St.Vladimir, 4 classes, swords, bow (Russian) Order of St.Stanislav, 3 classes, swords, bow (Russian) Order of St.Anne, 4 classes, swords (Russian) Cross of St.George, 4 classes (Russian)
    Order of the Combat Red Banner (Soviet)
    Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur (French) Medaille Militaire (French) Croix de Guerre, palms, silver stars (French)
    Knight's Cross of the Order of the White Eagle (Serbian)
    Knight's Cross of the Order of the Star (Romanian)
    Ordinul national Steaua Romaniei
    Knight's Cross of the Order of the Crown (Romanian)
    Ordinul Coroana Romaniei
    Military Service Medal, classes (Romanian)
    Ordinul Virtutea Militara
    Distinguished Service Order (British) Distinguished Flying Cross (British) Military Cross (British)

    Russian/Soviet air symbols

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    Russian aviation in WW1 and Civilian War

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