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Rail-road armor: Soviet armored trains in WW2

soviet armored train BP-35 (PR-35 + 2 x PL-37) supported by BA-20 and BA-10 armored railcars
Armored train number 695 of BP-35 type (PR-35 + 2 x PL-37) supported by BA-20 and BA-10 armored cars/railcars

Armored train typeLocomotiveArtillery wagonsFlak wagonsbuilt
"VS-60" , 1931"VS-60"2 x VS-60none
Heavy armored train , 19332 x PT-3513
BP-35 , 1936PR-352 x PL-35 (from 1938 PL-37)1 x SPU-BP47 + 20?
Flak armoured train, 1940 2 cars (15mm armour) armed with 2 x 76mm flaks + 1 x Maxim quad + 2 MG5
Flak armoured train, 1941 3 to 6 cars armed with 37mm or 76mm flaks109
NKPS-42 , 1941NKPS-42 2 x NKPS-42~ 20
"BP-42" , 1941PR-43 (armor 30..45mm)2 x "PL-42"2 x 5
Crymeria type , 1941(armor 30mm)3 cars7
OB-3 , 1942NKPS-424 x OB-30..1..2 x PVO-4~ 65
BP-43 , 1943PR-434 x PL-432 x PVO-427

Max. weight = 400 t, max speed = 45..50 km/h, range = 100km (with the addidional tender the range increases more than twice).

Specifications of Armoredtrains of USSR
TypeAxisArmamentFire rangeAmmoloadArmor mmCrewWeight tBuilt
Armored locomotive VS-604+4none--1081610126
Armored locomotive PR-354+4flak dual Maxim-1081517129,5
Armored locomotive NKPS-424+4flak quad Maxim or triple PV-1-30..50
Armored locomotive PR-434+4flak DShK-30..60
Light wagon VS-6042 x 76,2mm 1902 and 2 x Maxim (in 2 turrets) + 4 x Maxim10 km540 shells, 10000 rounds168163067
Heavy wagon PT-3541 x 107mm 1910 and 1 x Maxim (in turret) + 4 x Maxim15 km168 shells, 25000 rounds201620236927 (7)
Light wagon PL-3542 x 76,2mm 1902 and 2 x Maxim (in 2 turrets) + 4 x Maxim12 km560 shells, 27000 rounds1510153069
Light wagon PL-3742 x 76,2mm 1902/30 and 2 x Maxim (in 2 turrets) + 4 x Maxim14 km560 shells, 30000 rounds20 (4)15203070
Flak wagon SPU-BP2quad Maxim1000020--31228
Artillery wagon "PL-42"42 x 76,2mm F-34 and 2 x DT (in 2 turrets of T-34)
+ 4 x Maxim
10 km45205210
Artillery wagon NKPS-4242 x 76,2mm guns and 2 x MGs (in 2 turrets) + 4 x MGs~40
Artillery/flak wagon Crymeria type42 x universal 76,2mm guns (Lender or 34K)
+ some MGs
Light wagon OB-321 x 76,2mm 1902/30 (1) and 1 x DT (in turret) + 4 x Maxim (2)180 shells, 6300 rounds30..8012
Artillery wagon PL-4321 x 76,2mm F-34 and 1 x DT (in turret T-34) + 2 x DT10 km168 shells, 4536 rounds45205254
Flak wagon PVO-422 x 37mm 61-K (3)120030--~120
TypeAxisArmamentMax speedAmmoloadArmor mmCrewWeight tBuilt
Self-propelled wagon D-22 x 76,2mm 1902 and 2 x DT (in 2 turrets)
+ 4 x Maxim + flak dual Maxim
75 km/h500 shells and 32000 rounds1610161630
Self-propelled wagon MBV53 x 76,2mm KT (5) + 5 x DT + 3 flak DT (in 3 turrets of T-28)
+ 4 x Maxim + 1 x DT + 1 x flak quad Maxim
120 km/h365 shells and 10962+22000 rounds161020~40402
Heavy armored railcar BTD21 x 45mm 20K and 1 x DT (in T-26 turret) + 1 x DT + 3 x Maxim + 1 x flak dual Maxim 154 shells and 1536+21000 rounds1681395
Armored railcar-trancporter DTP21 x Maxim (in turret) + 6 x DT 4032+3000846 (6)
Armored railcar BD-41T-40 turret and hull961012
(1) or L-10, F-34, F22, 1927/32, flak 1915
(2) or other MG
(3) or 25mm 72-K
(4) some wagons were upamoured by 10..20mm, weight up to 80 t
(5) replaced by L-11, F-34
(6) incl. 1 DSh
(7) incl. 1 PT-38 armed which 122mm A-6

foto russian BP-35
Armored train number 2 "For the Motherland" of BP/35 type with PL/37 railcars
zirhli tren BP.35
The armored train number 13 "Worker of Tula" of BP-35 type with the PL-37 railcars

BEPO 107mm guns
The 107mm guns of the heavy armoured train

Locomotive of Izorets armored train
Locomotive of Izorets armored train

foto Armoured lokomotive PR35 in 1942 of USSR
Armored locomotive PR-35

BP-35 treno blindato ruso
Armored train BP-35 in 1941

PR/35 Trenes blindados rusos

Tren blindado ruso

NKPS-42 OB-3 KV-1 BP-42 BP-43 Flak

Crimerian Not-serial Tank Railcruisers Armored Railcars

Russian light armoured train VS60
Soviet light armored train of VS-60 type

Russian imperial armored trains

Armored trains of the Civilian War:
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