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Rail-road armor: Soviet armored trains in WW2:

soviet armored train BP-35 (PR-35 + 2 x PL-37) supported by BA-20 and BA-10 armored railcars
Armored train number 695 of BP-35 type (PR-35 + 2 x PL-37) supported by BA-20 and BA-10 armored cars/railcars

Armored train typeLocomotiveArtillery wagonsFlak wagonsbuilt
VS-60 , 1931VS-602 x VS-60none
Heavy armored train , 19332 x PT-3513
BP-35 , 1936PR-352 x PL-35 (from 1938 PL-37)1 x SPU-BP47 + 20?
Flak armoured train, 1940 2 cars (15mm armour) armed with 2 x 76mm flaks + 1 x Maxim quad + 2 MG5
Flak armoured train, 1941 3 to 6 cars armed with 37mm or 76mm flaks100+
NKPS-42 , 1941NKPS-42 2 x NKPS-42~ 20
BP-42 , 1941PR-43 (armor 30..45mm)2 x PL-422 x 5
Crymeria type , 1941(armor 30mm)3 cars7
OB-3 , 1942NKPS-424 x OB-30..1..2 x PVO-4~ 65
BP-43 , 1943PR-434 x PL-432 x PVO-427

Max. weight = 400 t, max speed = 45..50 km/h, range = 100km (with the addidional tender the range increases more than twice).

Specifications of Armoredtrains of USSR
TypeAxisArmamentFire rangeAmmoloadArmor mmCrewWeight tBuilt
Armored locomotive VS-604+4none--1081610126
Armored locomotive PR-354+4flak dual Maxim-1081517129,5
Armored locomotive NKPS-424+4flak quad Maxim or triple PV-1-30..50
Armored locomotive PR-434+4flak DShK-30..60
Light wagon VS-6042 x 76,2mm 1902 and 2 x Maxim (in 2 turrets) + 4 x Maxim10 km540 shells, 10000 rounds168163067
Heavy wagon PT-3541 x 107mm 1910 and 1 x Maxim (in turret) + 4 x Maxim15 km168 shells, 25000 rounds201620236927 (7)
Light wagon PL-3542 x 76,2mm 1902 and 2 x Maxim (in 2 turrets) + 4 x Maxim12 km560 shells, 27000 rounds1510153069
Light wagon PL-3742 x 76,2mm 1902/30 and 2 x Maxim (in 2 turrets) + 4 x Maxim14 km560 shells, 30000 rounds20 (4)15203070
Flak wagon SPU-BP2quad Maxim1000020--31228
Artillery wagon PL-4242 x 76,2mm F-34 and 2 x DT (in 2 turrets of T-34)
+ 4 x Maxim
10 km45205210
Artillery wagon NKPS-4242 x 76,2mm guns and 2 x MGs (in 2 turrets) + 4 x MGs~40
Artillery/flak wagon Crymeria type42 x universal 76,2mm guns (Lender or 34K)
+ some MGs
Light wagon OB-321 x 76,2mm 1902/30 (1) and 1 x DT (in turret) + 4 x Maxim (2)180 shells, 6300 rounds30..8012
Artillery wagon PL-4321 x 76,2mm F-34 and 1 x DT (in turret T-34) + 2 x DT10 km168 shells, 4536 rounds45205254
Flak wagon PVO-422 x 37mm 61-K (3)120030--~120
TypeAxisArmamentMax speedAmmoloadArmor mmCrewWeight tBuilt
Self-propelled wagon D-22 x 76,2mm 1902 and 2 x DT (in 2 turrets)
+ 4 x Maxim + flak dual Maxim
75 km/h500 shells and 32000 rounds1610161630
Self-propelled wagon MBV53 x 76,2mm KT (5) + 5 x DT + 3 flak DT (in 3 turrets of T-28)
+ 4 x Maxim + 1 x DT + 1 x flak quad Maxim
120 km/h365 shells and 10962+22000 rounds161020~40402
Heavy armored railcar BTD21 x 45mm 20K and 1 x DT (in T-26 turret) + 1 x DT + 3 x Maxim + 1 x flak dual Maxim 154 shells and 1536+21000 rounds1681395
Armored railcar-trancporter DTP21 x Maxim (in turret) + 6 x DT 4032+3000846 (6)
Armored railcar BD-41T-40 turret and hull961012
(1) or L-10, F-34, F22, 1927/32, flack 1915
(2) or other MG
(3) or 25mm 72-K
(4) some wagons were upamoured by 10..20mm, weight up to 80 t
(5) replaced by L-11, F-34
(6) incl. 1 DSh
(7) incl. 1 PT-38 armed which 122mm A-6

Armored train number 2 "For the Motherland" of BP/35 type with PL/37 railcars
zirhli tren BP.35
The armored train number 13 "Worker of Tula" of BP-35 type with the PL-37 railcars

Armoured locomotive PR35 in 1942 of USSR
Armored locomotive PR-35

BP-35 treno blindato ruso
Armored train BP-35 in 1941

BEPO 107mm guns
The 107mm guns of the heavy armoured train

Locomotive of Izorets armored train
Locomotive of Izorets armored train

PR/35 Trenes blindados rusos
Tren blindado ruso

NKPS-42 armored trains OB-3 armored trains BP-43 armored trains

BP-42 armored trains Crimerian armored trains Not-serial armored trains Armored Railcars

Russian light armoured train VS60
Soviet light armored train of VS-60 type

Armored trains of the Civilian War:
White forces
Red army

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