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Russian Civilian War (1918-1920), the armored trains of the Red army

foto civil war armored train Liberty with balloon
Armored train "Liberty" with the balloon

military wagon
Russian armoredtrain in 1920

photo civil war Russian armored train
Red army armoured train

foto civil war Russian armored train zirhli tren
Armored train number 27 "Storm" of the Reds

foto photo civil war Panssarijuna.
Captured armored train "Volf".

photo civil war Russian armored rail-car
Armoured railcar "Arrow" photo.

foto civil war tren blindado treno blindato.
Armored train number 98 "Soviet Russia"

foto civil war Panzerzug
76mm flaks of Soviet armored train number 44.

 pancelozott vonat.
Soviet armored train number 10
photo civil war train blinde.
Armored train number 10

picture ww1 Rail-road armor - Civilian War
Armored train number 152 "Lightning"

photo civilian war pociag pancerny
Armored train number 6 "Putilovtsy"

foto civilian war panzerzug
Red armored train number 36 Lenin".
Russian Panzerzug

Russian imperial armored trains

Armored trains of the White forces

Soviet armored trains of WW2

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