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Soviet Strategic Artillery

Russo cannone B.4
Russo cannone B.4
Russian B-4 howitzer model 1931

Russian 152-mm BR.2 gun model 1935 in 1942
Russian 152-mm BR-2 gun model 1935 in 1942

Soviet Strategic Artillery in 1945
Soviet big caliber guns
russian powerful artillery triplex 1945

Powerfull WW2 Artillery of USSR: Crew 15 men. Horizontal aim angle = 8 grad, vertical aim angle = 0 to 60 grad.

Soviet Powerfull Artillery Triplex
caliber, mmnameready weight, kg muzzle speed, m/sROF, shot/minrange, mshell, kgbuilt
152BR-2 model 1935182008801257504937
203B-4 howitzer model 193117700575118000100 31 B-4MM + 977 B-4BM
280BR-5 mortar model 1939106503560,51840024647

Also were built several 210-mm guns BR-17 and several 305-mm howitzers BR-18.

280-mm BR-5 mortar
280-mm BR-5 mortar model 1939

Russian 203-mm B-4 howitzer
203-mm B-4 howitzer model 1931
Soviet 203-mm B-4MM howitzer
Soviet 203-mm B-4MM howitzer in action.

B.4 howitzer mod. 1931
Soviet B-4 howitzer model 1931
Soviet B-4 howitzer mod. 1931

Field Artillery

Regimental Guns

Anti-Aircraft Artillery

45-mm Anti-Tank Cannons , 57-mm ZiS-2

76-mm Guns ZIS-3 , ZIS-3 , USV

Anti-Tank Aces

Captured Guns up to 75-mm,over 88-mm

Trophy Mortars

Howitzers of USSSR: 122mm , 152mm

Katyusha , Rocket Launchers

WWII Strategic Artillery

Soviet Mortars

Coastal Guns

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