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russian S.XVI fighter S16 in museum

Sikorsky S-XVI warplane
The 1st world escort fighter, the tractor biplane, the series started in 1915 at Russo-Balt factory. It used by "Squadron of Air Ships" and 7th fighter squadron in WWI; then S-XVI took a part in Civilian War (at both Red and White sides). This tractor biplane was armed with a sincronised MG; maximal sped = 144 kmph (powered by 80 hp motor) or 153 kmph (powered by 110 hp motor). I could climb to 1 km alt in 8 minutes. Empty weight = 407 kg, ready weight = 676 kg.

Foto aviones militares rusos S 16 los esquis
Russian aircraft S-16 on ski.
Rosyjski samolot wojskowy S-XVI Sikorsky na nartach.

Russische Militarflugzeuge Sikorski S.XVI S16
Russische Militarflugzeuge Sikorski S16.
WW1 photo of Sikorsky S-XVI escort fighter.

S-16 airplane in Russian Imperial army.

Russian aviation in WWI and Civilian War

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