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WW2 Romanian Armor Info

Skoda R-1 tanc romani harckocsi
Romanian R-1 light tank (Czeh LT-34) captured by Soviet army in 1941 near Odessa
Specifications - Crew: 2; Weight: 3,9 t; Length 3,2 m; Height 1,68 m; Width 1,81 m; Armour: 5-12 mm; Range: 170 km

Foreign-produced armor in Romanian service.
41 Renault R35 tanks were bought from France in 1939 + 34 such tanks captured from Poland in 1939;
126 Czehoslovak LT-34 light tanks (renamed to R-1);
and also LT-35 light tanks (renamed to R-2);
Shkoda R-2 Tancul romani  WW2 foto
Romanian R2 (Czeh Skoda LT-35) light tanks and Skoda H6ST6-T truck, photo of July 1941.

Also German armor:
Pz.Kpfw.35(t) - 26 panzers in 1942
Pz.Kpfw.38(t) - 50 panzers in 1943
Pz.Kpfw.IV - 142 panzers from 1942 (Ausf.G) to 1944
StuG.40 - 118 SPGs in 1944

WWII Romanian Tanks
Romanian PzKpfw.IV and Soviet sappers in April 1945.

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