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TB3 + 2 * I16 = SPB flight

sostavnoi pikiruyushii bombardirovshik.
SPB (sostavnoy pikiruyuschiy bombardirovschik = the composite dive bomber) of USSR.
Soviet TB-3 4-engined bomber carried a pair of I-16 fighters (armed with a pair of 250kg bombs each). All 6 engines worked together using the fuel tanks of the TB-3. Tthe TB-3 gives own long-range to the symbiosis, the little I-16 leaves him not far from a target and performs fast and unespected strike. Total weight = 22 t, speed 260kmph.

Russian wartime picture carrier TB-3SPB + I-16SPB. the composite dive bomber
Triple warplane SPB was successfully used in combat by 32 iap of Russian Blacksea fleet in august-october 1941. WWII photo.

drawing TB3 I16

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