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US Lend-Lease and GB aid to USSR
All help to Russia now!  WWII photo Lend-Lease Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon.
The infantry tanks Valentine Mk.II

British armour


American armor

M4 Sherman

M3A1 Scout


British:                                  sent                                    received
          Matilda IIA*                    1084                                        918
          Valentine II/III/IV/V/IX/X      3782 (incl. 1390 VI/VII/VIIA from Canada)  3332
          Valentine Bridgelayer             25
          Churchill III/IV                 301                                        253
          Cromwell                           6                                          6
          Tetrarch                          20                                         19
          Universal Carrier               2560 (incl. 1348 from Canada)

          M3A1 Stuart                     1676
          M5A1 Stuart                        5                                          5
          M24 Chaffee                        2
          M2A1 (medium tank)               few
          M3A3/M3A5 Lee/Grant             1386
          M4A2 Sherman (75mm)             2007
          M4A2 Sherman (76mm)             2095
          M10 Wolverine                     52
          M18 Hellcat                        5
          M26 Pershing                       1
          M31 ARV                          115
          M15A1 MGMC                       100
          M17 MGMC                        1000
          T48 {Soviet name SU-57}          650 (from Britain)
          M2 halftrack                     342
          M3 halftrack                       2
          M5 halftrack                     421
          M9 halftrack                     413
          T16                               96
          M3A1 Scout                      3340
          LVT                                5

    Note: During the transfer, were lost
    443 Stuarts, 417 M3 & M4, 54 halftracks, 228 Scouts, 
    320 Valentines, 43 Churchills, 252 Matildas, 224 Carriers.

The best Lend-Lease tank - Sherman. The worst Lend-Lease tank - medium M3.

                                  sent   lost   accepted
   ftrs P40B/C/E/K/M/N
    TomaHawk I/IIB
        KittyHawk III/IV/PV  2428+146    2134  (from USA + Britain)
   ftrs P39D/F/K/L/M/N/Q/ 
    P400/ AiraCobra I
    TP39D/F/Q                4853+212    4952  (from USA + Britain)
   ftr  P63A/C KingCobra         2397      63
   ftr  P47B/D/E/F/K/L/N/M/H
    Thunderbolt I/II              203     195
   ftr  P51A Mustang I             10          (from Britain)
   bmr  DB7A/B/ Boston I/II
    A20A/B/C/G/K/J/Y Havoc       3075    2771
   bmr  B25C/D/S/G/J Mitchell     866     861
   bmr  B24 Liberator               1       1
  trans C47/A/B Skytrain
    Dakota I/II/III/IV        707        707
  trans C46 Commando            1          1
   rcn  O52 Owl                30         19
   boat PBY5A/PBN1 Nomad      138        137
   boat PBY3                    3
   boat PBY6A Catalina         48         48
   boat OS2U Kingsfisher        2          2
  train AT6A/B/C/D Texan       84         82

    Spitfire (total)     1341       1338
   ftr   VB               143
   ftr   LF IX           1183
   ftr   HF XI              2
   rcn   PR IV              9?
   ftr   LF XVI             9
   ftr  Hurricane IIA/B/C/D 3063       2952  (from Britain + Canada)
   ftr  Typhoon             1          1
   torp Hampden TB1        32         20
  trans Albemarle I        13         12
   bmr  Mosquito BIV        1          1
   bmr  Stirling            1          1
   bmr  Lancaster           6          2

A-20-G lendleased bomber Color photos.
Color profiles of Russian P-39Q AirCobra
Lendleased B25j bomber in Soviet Union.

Color photos of P39 and P63 , B25 and A20

Color profiles of P39 Airacobra
1 giad , 5 giad , 9 giad , 16 giad

Colored photos of A20 Boston
The best fighter - P39Q AiraCobra (KingCobra was better, but P63 flew only some missions against Japan)
The worst fighter - Hurricane (obsoleted; the Soviets rearmed Hurricane with own good guns, but it still was too slow)
The best bomber - B25 Mitchell
The worst bomber - Hampden
The best recon plane - Spitfire (surprise! of course, Spitfire was good fighter too, but it wasn't fit for the Eastern front)
The worst recon plane - O52 Owl
The best transport plane - C47 (USSR also built many Li-2 - the own licensed variant)
The worst transport plane - Albemarle
Lend Lease B-25 bomber navigates P-39 fighters foto ww2 UK
gallery of airplanes


gallery of airplanes
gallery of P40
gallery of P39
gallery of B25
14th gbad bombers
Big picture of A20 bomber
LendLeased B-25 bomber in 1945 picture

Other Lend-Lease goods:

Ships (incl. battleships and cruiser,  boats), spare parts (incl. engines), 
different guns and flaks [37mm, 40mm, 90mm...] (9600 total), ammunition, 
MGs and SMGs, explosives, fuel (incl. gas 110 octane), tracks and jeeps, motorcycles,
telephones and wires, radars, radiostations, locomotives and coaches, rails, 
machine tools, (lathes, dies, presses, measuring devices, electrical equipment),
rubber, metals (inc. aluminium and steel), army boots and clothes, food, tobacco...

Were Lend-Lease vehicles bad and ineffective or good and decisive?

In short words: "Thank you, friends! You helped a lot! But the second front in Europe in 1942 (or at least in 1943;
instead of almost useless war in Africa) would be much better..."

Many of sent vehicles (tanks, planes, etc.) were in bad conditions (already saw military service) Lend-Lease was very helpful in 1941..42. Britain made the 1st steps to help
Lend-Lease vehicles were worse than modern Soviets ones At the same time USSR also used even more obsolete tanks and planes
Goverment delays, the numbers were smaller than promissed Western people did theirs best. They even put warm clothes and tinned food into boxes with military equpment, using every free space

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