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WW2 Armor of Hungary specifications

40-M Turan I Magyar Harckocsi
40-M Turan I Magyar Harckocsi
40M Turan I medium tank
pancelauto 39-M Csaba
39-M Csaba pancelauto
39M Csaba armored car

Hungarian Armor Comparison Table
YearBuiltNameTypeArmament [ammoload] Roof ArmorBottom ArmorForward ArmorSide ArmorTurret Armor Speed (kmph)CrewWeightEngineRangeNote
1940~10039M Csabaarmored car20mm + 8mm 9mm6546 t90 hporiginal Hungarian design
19408038M Toldi A20light tank20mm [208] + 8mm [1400] 6mm10mm33mm13mm13mm5038,5 t155 hp licensed modified Swedish Lansverk L60
194111038 Toldi II 2020mm + 8mm 6mm10mm33mm13mm33mm
1943[80 remade Toldi II]42M Toldi IIA40mm/L41,5 [54] + 8mm 6mm10mm35mm13mm35mm479,3 t220 km
194013540M Nimrodanti-aircraft40mm 013mm3569,5 tToldi chassis
1942~28040M Turanmedium tank40mm + 2 x 8mm 14mm50mm25mm50mm 46518,2 t260 hp162 kmlicensed modified Czechoslovak T22
1943~18041M Turan II75mm/L25 [56] + 2 x 8mm [1800] 4318,5 t150 km
19437240/43M Zrinyiassault gun105mm/L20 [42] 75mm43422 t220 kmTuran chassis

Photogallery of Hungarian AFVs

WWII combat photo
Hungarian occupation of Czechoslovakia with Fiat-Ansaldo tankettes.

40-M Nimrod legvedelmi
Magyar 40-M Nimrod legvedelmi

40/M Nimrod flak
Hungarian 40M Nimrod flak

armoured car 39.M Csaba
armoured car 39M Csaba
pancelauto 39.M Csaba

SPG Magyar onjaro rohamloveggel Zrinyi
Hungarian assault gun Zrinyi
Magyar onjaro rohamloveggel Zrinyi

Wegierski clog 38/M Toldi I w Polsce
Wegierski clog 38/M Toldi I w Polsce.
Hungarian 38M Toldi light tank in Poland.

Hungarian armor guns
Zolothurn 36M20mmanti-tank rifle
Bofors40mmautomatic cannon
MAVAG 41M75mm/L25gun
MAVAG 40/43M105mm/L20howitzer

Foreign-produced armor in Hungarian service.
Over 100 tankettes CV3/35 were bought from Italy in 1938;
Over 340 tanks were bought from Germany, including:
108 PzKpfw38(t) panzers in 1942,
about 100 Pz.Kpfw.IV panzers of different versions in 1942 and 1944,
over 200 StuG.III self-propelled guns in 1942-1945,
150 Hetzer self-propelled guns in 1944-1945.

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