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WORLD WAR TWO. Yugoslavian units in Red Army

Soldati jugoslavi armati con l'arma sovietica
Yugoslav soldiers armed with the Soviet weapon in 1944.
Soldati jugoslavi armati con l'arma sovietica.
Jугословенски воjници наоружани Совjетског оружjем photo second world war
4th Montenegrin proletarian brigade in 1945.

Jugoslavenski vojnici naoruzani sovjetskog oruzja
WW2 Yugoslavian ATR teams with PTRS-41.
Jugoslavenski vojnici naoruzani sovjetskog oruzja.
Soldats yougoslaves armes de l'arme sovietique 1944
Yugoslavian machinegunners with Maxim HMG, 1944.
Soldats yougoslaves armes de l'arme sovietique.
Jugoslaviske soldater med russisk maskingever Maksim ww2 foto
Yugoslav soldiers of 17th muslim brigade with Maxim HMG in 1945. The photo of second world war
Jugoslaviske soldater med russisk maskingever Maksim.

Soviet armament supply in 1944
rifles + carbines SMGs machineguns ATRs guns + mortars tanks + SPGs armoured cars + APCs warplanes
to Poland 200000 72000 27000 4700 4700 250 90 620
to Yugoslavia 6000 6000 6400 1500 3100 65 - 270
to Czechoslovakia 10000 5100 600 300 500 35 28 24

This table doesn't take into account training vehicles and captured (German and other) weapons. Aslo USSR supplied ammo, fuel, radios, cars, food and other goods.

Soviet Armor and guns in Yugoslav Army

Soviet Armor in Foreign Armies
Yugoslavian tank T-34 and the crew.

Ил2 jеданаеста ваздухопловна ловачка дивизиjа НОВJ
Yugoslav Il-2 of 11th air division.

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