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Soviet Anti-Aircraft Mobile Guns

The Flak Mobile Guns used the chassis of the tracks.

Mobile AA of USSR in WWII
name (chassis)armamentyearsproduced
SU-5 (3-90 Kommunar)76-mm flak model 19151932 1 experimental
29K (YaG-10)76-mm gun 3-K1933-3461
SU-6 (T-26)76-mm gun 3-K1937 1 experimental
( GAZ-AA , GAZ-AAA )quad 7,62-mm 4-M~ 2000
( ZIS-32 , ZIS-36 , T-26 )37-mm gun 61-K19411 + 1 + 2
( GAZ-MM )25-mm gun 72-K1941~ 200
(truck , T-20 Komsomolets)45-mm gun 21-K19423 + 2
ZUT-37 (T-70)37-mm gun Sh-371942 1 experimental
T-90 (T-70)dual 12,7-mm MGs DShKT1942 1 experimental
SU-11 , GAZ-72 , U-3237-mm gun 61-K1942 3 experimental
ZIS-43 (ZIS-42)37-mm gun 61-K1942 1 experimental
(truck)25-mm gun 72-K1942-..big amount?
(ZIS-5)12,7-mm MG DShK or quad 7,62-mm 4-M
( ZIS-11 , ZIS-12 )dual 25-mm guns 94-KM1944 / 45
ZSU-37 (SU-76)37-mm gun 61-K1945 / 46 75

photo WWII defensa Defesa antiaerea sovietico GAZ.MM
WW2 foto: Russian automatic AA cannons on trucks GAZ-MM.
Defesa antiaerea sovietico GAZ.MM foto.
photo WWII AA cannons on truck GAZMM
Soviet automatic AA cannon on truck GAZ-MM.

kanon russa 25mm GAZ.AAA
Russian 25-mm flak gun at GAZ-AAA truck.

foto ww2 Radziecki 4/M Dzialo przeciwlotnicze
WWII photo: ZPU 4-M Quad Maxims on GAZ-AA truck `polutorka`.
Radziecki 4M Dzialo przeciwlotnicze foto 37 OZAD PVO

photo wwII Mobile AA of USSR DschK
12,7-mm DShK AA MG on GAZ-AAA in 1943.

photo WWII 4M Quad Maxims on GAZAAA truck
Russian 4-M quadrupled Maxim MGs on GAZ-AAA truck.

Mobile AA of USSR in WWII foto DschK
12,7-mm DShK AA MG on truck in Tula, photo 1941.

TKB-149 56-U-542A UL-12,7 2-UK-AA triple
Tripled DshK AA MGs on the truck in Moscow, WW2 foto.

foto ww2 94KM dual automatic flak guns on ZIS-11
94-KM dual 25-mm automatic cannons on ZIS-12 trucks

foto 76mm Antiluftskyts 3.K YaG.10
Soviet 76-mm flak gun 3-K on YaG-10 truck, Moscow. Ammoload 48, crew 6 , weight 10,55 t, engine 93,5 hp.
76mm Antiluftskyts 3.K YaG.10

Flak cannons


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