WW2 Antitank rifles specifications and photos

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1,45-cm fusil antichar par l'Armee rouge
Soviet tank-killers (14,5-mm ATR company)

WWII ATR comparison table
weightlengthclip capacity caliberbulletmuzzle speed R.o.F.Armor penetration
PTRD-41 (Degtyaryov)USSR 17.3kg2.0m- 14.5mm63g1012m/s 8..10 shot/m35..40mm @ 300m; 20..21mm @ 800m
PTRS-41 (Simonov)USSR 20.9kg2108mm5 15 shot/m
PzB 38Germany 16.2kg1615mm- 7.69mm14.6g1175m/s 30mm @ 80m; 25mm @ 100m; 20mm @ 200m
PzB 39Germany 13kg1615mm- 8..10 shot/m
SS-41Germany 13.5kg1195mm10 7.69mm1219m/s 22mm @ 200m
sPzB 41Germany 229kg or 163kg- 28/20mm1402m/c 12..15 shot/min80mm @ 250m; 60mm @ 500m
BoysBritain 16.3kg1614mm5 12.7mm980m/s
17.4kg1626mm 13.97mm900m/s 9..10 shot/m16mm @ 500m
Soloturn 45kg1.8m5 20mm762m/s 10 shot/m31mm @ 300m
Wz.35Poland10kg1760mm7.69mm13..14g1280m/s 6 shot/m25mm @ 100m; 20mm @ 150m
97Japan50kg520mm950m/s15 shot/m30mm @ 200m
Lahti-39Finland51kg1020mm825m/s15 shot/m30mm @ 175m

Priestankinis Degtiariovo sautuvas
Soviet antitank rifle PTRD-41.

PTRS-41 Karabin przeciwpancerny Simonov in combat
Russian anti-tank rifle PTRS-41.

Simonoff Antitank rifles PTRS in combat, 1942
Soviet antitank rifles PTRS in Voronezh, 1942.
Russische Panzerbuchse Simonow.

WWII AT-Rifles specifications and photos
Soviet anti-tank rifle Degtyaryov PTRD-41 and knocked German Panther tank.

WW2 Antitank rifles specifications and photos.

Soviet anti-tank aces

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