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Soviet WWII minelayers

The minelayer is a naval ship used for deploying sea mines.

minelayer is a naval ship used for deploying sea mines WWII photo
The Russian minelayer «Marti» and the battleship «October Revolution».
“Marti” was former Czarist imperial yacht “Shtandart” and become the biggest and most effective Soviet minelayer in Baltic.
Confirmed victories of minelayer Marti achieved with mines:
1 October 1941 : sunk German submarine chaser UJ-117 close Hanko.
21 November 1941 : sunk German tug Fohn (303 GRT) on convoy to Tallin.
11 June 1942 : sunk German support-ship MRS-11 Osnabruck close Tallin.
Ship was later recovered but the temporary loss caused distress among the Germans because were lost 
84 men and the mine-field was actually known, but captain did not received the proper chart in time.

WW2 foto red navy fleet
Ural was the second largest and most notable minelayer in Baltic Fleet, after Marti. Often sailed together Marti on mission, but her best successes were scored laying fields close Malyj Tjuters and Bolshoy Tyuters alongside the old destroyer Kalinin in July 1941: one year later these mines sunk German submarine-chasers UJ-1211 on 7/Aug/42 and UJ-1204 on 26/Oct/42.

specifications information facts The minelayer of USSR navy
45mm gun 21-K of the Soviet minelayer «Marti». USSR navy WWII photo.

Soviet WWII naval minelayers history, information, battles, facts and photos
Minelayer «Komintern» of Red navy in combat near Odessa, 1941.
“Komintern” was a former WWI-era “Bogatyr” class protected cruiser and become the biggest Soviet minelayer in Black Sea, differently from “Marti” no victory can be assigned and she was hard damaged by German aircraft in summer 1942, disarmed and scuttled at Tuapse in October as a breakwater.

former icebreaker heavily armed as minelayers for the war, and actively used during Curili campaign
Okean class survey vessels / minelayers of 201 project
Three ships (Murman, Okean, Ohotsk) originally built as icebreakers / survey vessels were converted to become the main Soviet minelayers in Pacific Fleet. They never truly served for such purpose against Japanese targets, but Ohotsk played an important part during the landing at Shumshu Island shelling Japanese forces and repelling an attack of torpedo bombers.

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