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Soviet WWII warboats

navire de la Seconde Guerre mondiale sovietique flotte
Flak motor boat of Volga's flotilia armed with 25-mm cannon 72-K and DshK machinegun. Wartime photo.

NKL5 NKL.5 Kriegsschiff aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg sowjetischen Flotte
Airboat NKL-5 of Soviet Dnepr flotilia. Engine M-11 of 100 h.p., full displaysment 1200 kg, max speed 60 kmph. Armament: DA-2 turret with twin MG.

buque de la Segunda Guerra Mundial la flota sovietica KM4 G5
Soviet military boats of W.W.2 in 1944 : KM-4 and G-5.

The KM type boats performed many minor and auxiliary tasks during the war however one boat was involved in a very brutal and important fight. During summer of 1943, the German Army (Heer) employed fast boats with the purpose to lay naval mines in the Kronstadt channel. On 30 August 1943, boat n605 was on patrol when she encountered a group of StuBo73 type crafts on mission and a bloody close-quarter fight ensured with launch of grenades and light gunfire: n605 sunk in battle with 3 killed (including commander) and 6 saved. Unbeknownst to Soviets, 3 enemy crafts suffered leaks and sunk while other 2 had also damage: that was enough to the Germans to give up their mission. Germans abandoned this kind of missions after other two crafts were destroyed during an unique attack committed on 5 October by Soviet frogmen with limpet-mines (a rare occurrence!). Remains of the destroyed crafts are misidentified in Russian museum as Italian MAS torpedo boats destroyed by the frogmen, while crew of n605 was never fully acknowledged for their success.

WWII photo
Type 1124 gunboat and the landing armed boats in 1944.

fire support in combat
Damaged Ya-5 rocket firesupport boat in 1943.

Patrol boats of the Ya-5 type made some active raids in the Ilmen Lake during fall of 1943: without real German opposition, they were responsible for the capture of four of the five collaborationist fishing boats seized in action by the Ilmen Flotilla and later integrated as auxiliary armed boats.

semihydroglider PG78 WW2 picture
Soviet semi-hydroglider PG-78 near Pinsk in 1944.

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