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Soviet WWII warboats

navire de la Seconde Guerre mondiale sovietique flotte
Flak motor boat of Volga's flotilia armed with 25-mm cannon 72-K and DshK machinegun. Wartime photo.

NKL5 NKL.5 Kriegsschiff aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg sowjetischen Flotte
Airboat NKL-5 of Soviet Dnepr flotilia. Engine M-11 of 100 h.p., full displaysment 1200 kg, max speed 60 kmph. Armament: DA-2 turret with twin MG.

buque de la Segunda Guerra Mundial la flota sovietica KM4 G5
Soviet military boats of W.W.2 in 1944 : KM-4 and G-5.

WWII photo
Type 1124 gunboat and the landing armed boats in 1944.

fire support in combat
Damaged Ya-5 rocket firesupport boat in 1943.

semihydroglider PG78 WW2 picture
Soviet semi-hydroglider PG-78 near Pinsk in 1944.

WW2 warboats of USSR photos anf info.

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