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Soviet armored boats of project 1124

Most important battles involving 1124 class:

21 July 10943.
Germans had previously made a number of fruitless raids against Primorsko Akhtari (Azov Sea) without great results: the coastal bombing made by MAL gunboats caused little damages.
On that day, the Germans dispatched the gunboats MAL-8 and MAL-11 with the auxiliary minesweeper R-166 to attempt a new bombing.
However the Soviets were ready: at first the small minesweeper n°179 attempted to delay the enemy until expending all her ammunition, successfully taking time, and suffering only minor damages with 1 wounded.
Finally occurred the counter-attack of the Soviet gunboats BK-111, BK-112 and BK-113 (all of 1124 class) , alongside the patrol boats SKA-0412 and SKA-0712.
During the battle, the Soviets suffered only light damages on SKA-0712, while SKA-0412 and BK-112 had guns out of action due heavy use.
Germans suffered greater damages: R-166 suffered at least 2 direct hits from the BK main guns of 76mm, with heavy damages, 2 killed and 1 wounded. Also MAL-11 was lightly damaged with 2 wounded: moreover, all the MAL had guns out of action due excessive use.
After the damages, the Germans retreat, giving the victory to Soviets.

30 August 1943
During the Liberation of Taganrog, BK-111 of 1124 class intercepted an escaping German motorboat (a small local boat) leaving the city. The boat stopped after machinegun fire and was seized: commander committed suicide, 10 POWs (one wounded), other 2 drowned after jumping overboard to avoid capture. The boat later sunk in tow after bad weather.
Another similar motorboat with four Ukrainians onboard sailed directly toward small minesweeper KATSh-176 to defect.

barca corazzata armati sovietici di progetto 1124 foto WW2
Soviet armored boat of 1124 project with two T-34 turrets and a flak turret

Soviet armoured boats
WWII fleets War is over

Sowjetische gepanzerte Schiff von 1124, photo WWII
Soviet armored boats type 1124 in Crimeria, 1943

RKKF gunboat Sovyet zirhli tekne 1124 foto
Volga flotilia of USSR. Armored boat of 1124 project with the 76-mm flak gun

Russian Gun Support River Boat. Duna, Donau, Дунав, Dunav, Dunaj foto
Soviet armoured boat of 1124 type at Danube.
Russian Gun Support River Boat "1124".
type 1124 armoured boat of USSR, b/w photo
Soviet armored boat of 1124 project of Azov military flotilia at Kerch.

Type 1124 gunboat of USSR, b/w photo 1944.

barca corazzata armati sovietici di progetto 1124
Barco de blindados sovieticos proyecto 1124
Sowjetische gepanzerte Schiff von 1124 foto
1124 Sovyet zirhli tekne

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