Why these Russians do it

The massive west propaganda supports the separatists.
Let me tell the truth:
In 1991, ex-general Dudayev organizined the revolt in Chechnya. It was so easy to convince some stupid national people that they are "suppressed by the Russians". It was terrible time for the Slavic part of Chechnya population - murders, rapes and so on... Then army was moved to stop it. But it was the worst time for this action, the Russian army was in bad condition. We liberated some towns but we lost many young lives. Dudayev was killed. Also there was a pressing from the west, and we decided to left Chechnya in peace. Not amazingly, the criminal in Chechnya overcame and what a "state" they built! But we tolerated it, we gave de-facto indepenncy to them; we tolerated brigand, forgery, drug-trading and kidnaping in the nearest areas of Russia. You wouldn't believe that, but there was even slave-trading! I not talk about bad ecological situation due barbarian oil-mining.

But when the bandits started the military offensive (1999) to Dagestan (another muslim area of my multinational and multiconfessional Russia) we said 'enough!'. If you want to argue me, e-mail me.

PS. Of course, not all of the Chechens (the most of them are the normal citizens) are the bandits, and not all of the bandits are the Chechens (they include Chechens, different arabic nations, and even the Slavic nations like Ukrainians and Russians, and so on; they do it fanatically or for the money).

Below are some pictures from Ogonyok magazine.

Russian soldiers Russian soldier
российские солдаты

the letter to home
солдат пишет письмо домой

Russian federal troops in Chechnya 1999-2000 the federal sniper Why these Russians do it
Вторая чеченская кампания. Pоссийские федеральные войска

Russian soldiers Russian soldiers Russian soldiers
Russian soldiers in Chechnya

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